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  • AirspaceAVOIDLightweight & affordable assistance on Android and iOS to make sure you don't infringe any controlled airspace.
  • EasyVFRThis full fledged flight planner for iOS and Android will make planning & navigating a breeze.
  • FFM & FusionAll you need! Planning and moving map for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android, all linked via the Cloud.
  • EFIS DatasetsFlying with a 3rd party EFIS? Use our AeroData to update your MGL, Dynon and AFS databases as often as you like.
  • EasyVFR on Windows TouchEasyVFR is now available for Windows 7 & 8 touch devices.
  • EasyVFR on OS XEasyVFR is now available for Apple's OS X devices as well.

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