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Personalized PocketFMS caps!

In cooperation with Mathias-Design, we're happy to offer you personalized baseball caps to keep your head cool at the airport or in the clouds! These off-white, 6-panel caps are adjustable via a brass buckle with eyelets, and are made of 100% heavy brushed cotton twill. For comfortable wearing in combination with a headset, no stud is placed on top of the cap. The PocketFMS logo is embroidered in light-blue up front, below which is place for your name, callsign or nickname as well. You have a selection of 3 font types and 8 colors to chose from.


These sturdy baseball caps, including your personal embroidery plus shipping & handling, will cost only you €22.50 each and can be ordered directly from Mathias-Design via the form below. International shipping & handling is included!

If you don't need one for yourself, they also make an excellent and affordable gift for a fellow pilot or aviation enthusiast!



The PocketFMS Cap order form.

If you are interested in having one or more of these personalized caps, please place your order below. Check your details carefully before pressing the [Order now] button, since notification will be emailed directly to Mathias-Design with your order details. They will contact you for payment details and ship your cap. Worldwide, and without additional charges!

If you need more information, please contact Mathias-Design:
  Mathias-Design logo. Mathias-Design
Amstel 44
The Netherlands


Order form

  Shipping address details:
Mathias-Design will ship your
personalized cap to this address.
  Zip code:
  Email address:
You will be contacted for payment.
  Your cap details:
  Number of caps:
1 - 10.
  Callsign / nickname:
Max. 15. Use * to leave blank.
  Text color:
This color will be used
for your personal text.
This typeface will be used
for your personal text.

Font Type 1.
Font Type 2.
Font Type 3.
  What does the 'F' in 'VFR' stand for?
Use proper English please.
    - but first final-check the above!
    Mathias-Design respects our Privacy Policy.


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