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Our Forum do's & don'ts.

  General rules:
  The forum language is English, even between people who speak the same, non-English language. An exception goes for any existing localised forum for that language, of course.
  No links or posts regarding sex & pornography, racism, violence, politics unless aviation related and discrimination are allowed. Of course we do have a sense of humor (and we expect some from your part as well), but posting offensive stuff will get your account terminated without further ado at the PocketFMS Crew's sole discretion.
  No advertisements or commercial posts are allowed, unless with prior consent from the PocketFMS Crew. However, rallying for a good aviation-related course is allowed.
  The forum is moderated; your posts may be edited by a forum Moderator (though never so that the actual message meaning is changed), moved or deleted. This will happen at the sole discretion of the PocketFMS Crew or the forum Moderator(s).
  You can edit your own messages. Please take the time after posting to read it back and make corrections where necessary. Only if posts have already been placed in reply to your post when you edit it, your post will bear a mark of having been edited.
  If sadly it appears necessary, a misbehaving user will be denied further writing permission to the forum. This will occur at the PocketFMS Crew's sole discretion.


  Your username or nickname:
  Your nickname must be non-offensive and has to be unique on this forum.
  Don't use your email address as your forum username; this will seriously increase your chances of being spammed.
  Use your common sense as always on the Internet: don't just post private information, nor put it in your profile.


  Interacting with other forum members:
  DON'T SHOUT. All-caps messages are impolite.
  Don't flame (that's using insulting or offensive language against fellow forum visitors). We're all pilots here, and we have our own ways of communicating. Flaming isn't one of them; please be civilized.
  Don't antagonize your fellow forum members; act personal yet professional.
  Don't ask questions other people have asked before you. You can see if your question has already been posted by using the forum's Search function.


  Messages to other forum users:
  No spamming is allowed, neither in the fora, via email, signatures, avatars or Private Messages. Doing so will lead to the account being closed and banned before questions are asked.
  Private Messages (PMs) can be in any language, they don't have to be in English since they're not publicly readable.
  Before posting, please make sure you're posting to the most relevant section. The board administrators and / or moderators have the right to move your posts to where they deem it appropriate. In such a case, a shadow topic may be left at the original post location.
  Don't post off-topic (except in the Pilot's Lounge, that's what it's for).
  Don't re-activate months-old topics by adding something insignificant. A relevant question or remark is of course allowed.
  Kicking your post (responding to your own post in order to raise some more attention to it) is allowed, if there's at least 72 hours between the original post and the kick. Remember, some people do have private lives . .


  Personal / Your Avatar and Sig:
  The forum software can be set work in various languages via your User Control Panel. We'll gladly add your language too upon request and if that language pack is available.
  Your Avatar (personal forum picture) can be a maximum of 100 x 140 pixels, and max 7000 bytes.
  Your Avatar may not resemble a (Beta)Crew Avatar or rank image.
  Your Avatar may and can be uploaded to our server.
  Your Sig (signatire, a standard catch-phrase that goes at the end of each of your posts) is preferably no longer than 5 lines.
  Your Sig may not contain scripts and malicious HTML which will influence the way the forum is displayed.


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