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Safely crossing the Dutch skies.

Airspace infringements are one of the larger hazards in aviation. A momentary lapse of your attention, an outdated chart, a NOTAM you overlooked or a tiny flaw in navigation might bring you straight into an airspace where your presence is highly unwanted! An airspace infringement can also form a very expensive situation; if large, commercial aircraft have to execute evasive maneuvers or miss their approach, the costs can possibly be claimed on the intruder! It's certainly not something you want on your pilot record, that's for sure.

NLAA feature sheet.
  For iPad and iPhone.For Android devices.  

Download now by clicking the AppStore or Play logo above.

NL AirspaceAVOID - free protection against infringements.

NL AirspaceAVOID icon.NL AirspaceAVOID (or NLAA) is available for Apple iOS (that's iPhone and iPad) and Android from the respective Stores. It combines the power of your device's built-in GPS receiver, the reliability of the PocketFMS AeroDatabase and timeliness of the NOTAMs from EuroControl to continuously show your position and the airspaces in your vicinity - yep, even those by NOTAM!

NL AirspaceAVOID then timely warns you if you get too close, by highlighting the airspace on the moving map, by popping up additional information and even audibly. Reliable airspace information is available at the tap of a finger, while the dashboard constantly provides you with basic GPS flight information. NL AirspaceAVOID was instigated by the Dutch Airspace Infringements Prevention Team, and is supported by DGB, NLR, AOPA NL, KNVvL, KLu and LVNL.

Contributor logos. Dutch Air Traffic Control. Dutch Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Royal Dutch Air Force. Royal Dutch Aviation Society. Dutch Environment and Transport Inspectorate. Dutch Aviation and Airspace Laboratory.

Please read the leaflet on preventing airspace infringements thoroughly? It just might help you form a better image on this matter.


NL AirspaceAVOID features EasyReading.

NL AirspaceAVOID can adjust flawlessly to all screen sizes, resolutions and orientations. Via a user-selectable “magnification level”, users can set object sizes to their liking. This means no more fiddling with small buttons and difficult to read text in the cockpit; your attention should never deviate from flying. An example of a Samsung Galaxy S4 showing 2 different "Overall Magnification Levels":

Low magnification setting.   High magnification setting.
Low Overall Magnification   Higher Overall Magnification.

You can control lots more, like the size of the airport symbols, the airplane that indicates your position, etc., but also speed and distance units.


NL AirspaceAVOID uses Top Quality AeroData.

AeroData.NL AirspaceAVOID uses PocketFMS AeroData, widely considered being the most complete available. Many systems only use AIP data, and so miss out on many details like glider fields, heliports, microlight strips and various other aerial activity areas. Obstacle data is maintained in unprecedented detail. Try to find this AeroData detail in any other product.

Additionally you can tap on any of the airspaces in the list to have it highlighted on the moving map. How's about that for situational awareness!

The same applies to NOTAMs; tap the NOTAM button, tap the NOTAM in the list and see where it applies to.


NL AirspaceAVOID includes EasyNOTAMs.

EasyNOTAMs.This might sound familiar: You're planning a trip for the upcoming weekend, and part of the preparation is reading the NOTAMs for your route. Normally that would mean reading through page after page of NOTAMs to see if there is anything important to know.

The pain is that you have to do it all over again on the day of departure to check for new NOTAMs! That pain stops with NL AirspaceAVOID.

NL AirspaceAVOID allows you to browse all related NOTAMs, text as well as on the map. The NOTAM information is taken directly from EuroControl via a secure server-to-server connection. No more plotting a NOTAM before you know if it's at all relevant!

Would you like to know more about working with NL AirspaceAVOID's NOTAM system?

The smart bit: each NOTAM listed has a Less button. When clicked, the NOTAM changes to a single-line entry only so the list becomes shorter. But often as much as 95% of the NOTAMs are not relevant to a VFR pilot at any time! So, when you click Less not only does the NOTAM text collapse to one line only, during 5 seconds that same button changes to Hide. When you click this Hide button then this entire NOTAM is permanently hidden from the list and won't be shown again, unless you click on the xxx NOTAMs "Reset Hidden NOTAMs" button - which resets them all to a visible state.

81 NOTAMs hidden.

Work your way through the entire list once, and hide whatever NOTAMs you find to be irrelevant to you. Download NOTAM updates as often as you like; NOTAMs created in the last 24 hours will be on top of the list in a diffent color, indicating you still need to read those few. Thanks to the EasyPrint feature, you can conveniently print this NOTAM briefing. The previously hidden NOTAMs are printed on a separate area so a complete NOTAM briefing is always available.

NOTAM Push Messages.

Would you like to know what's going on at your home airport, even when you're not there? NL AirspaceAVOID can even help you there with its convenient NOTAM Push feature. You can indicate a center point (e.g. your home airport) and a radius (say 30 NM), and whenever a new NOTAM is issued that falls within the region you specified, you'll immediately recieve a message - even when NL AirspaceAVOID isn't running on your device!

Tips and Restrictions.

NL AirspaceAVOID can be a great help to you as a pilot, provided you use your Airmanship and common sense at all times. A few helpful tips for when you're using NLAA:

Caution. In ALL situations, please remember to "Aviate, navigate, communicate" - in that particular order of priority. Do not let your electronic device turn into a distraction rather than a safety addition, and fly the plane at all times.
Remember to continuously look outside the airplane - that's where it all happens. Your electronic device can help increase your situational awareness, but only if you use it properly!
Familiarize yourself with Netherlands AirspaceAVOID (e.g. at home) before you fly with it. It is by no means a complex tool, but you should focus on flying, not fiddling with software.
It is not entirely impossible that the electronic devices you carry aboard interfere with cockpit equipment, though such chances are slim. If you read unusual values from any instrument, switch all consumer electronics OFF to determine if they are the cause.
It is advised to turn WiFi and BlueTooth OFF on the devices you carry aboard, unless those functions are required. Doing so will minimize the risk of interference and prolong battery life.
It is advised you use the manufacturers original (or at least approved) chargers in flight. 3rd Party chargers might be less effective and can under specific conditions even pose a hazard to flight safety.


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