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VFR the way you want it!

You think planning a VFR flight is quite a challenge? You're quite right; to do it properly requires a lot of work and thought - nothing easy about that. But luckily, we can help you make it easier! Below we'll explain how we think our EasyVFR app can do that for you. If you need more in-depth information on working with EasyVFR, please check out the Tutorials & Videos section!

Download / buy now by clicking one of the below logos.
For iPad and iPhone. For Android devices. For OS X 10.7 and up. For Windows 7 and later.
EasyVFR feature sheet.

Professional AeroData for VFR Pilots.

To top it off, EasyVFR is fed with aviation data that's professionally maintained from a variety of sources, including Eurocontrol data and the national AIPs. The AeroDatabase is updated at least once every 28 days (AIRAC cycle), or more often if required. More details? Check here.

EasyVFR licences.

In a quick glance, here are the most commonly used EasyVFR licences and their differences. For a more extensive overview, please look here.

  EasyVFR Standard Frequent Flyer
Membership (FFM)
Scheduled AeroData Updates
Free georeferenced Approach Plates
Country-specific ICAO / OACI / Sections Charts & Approach Plates
in-app purchase

with discount!
Flight Plan Filing
at additional charge

free and unlimited!
Mobile app
iOS, Android

iOS or Android

iOS and Android
Desktop app
Windows, Mac
PocketFMS Cloud
Save and share FlightPlans
EFIS data export
MGL, Dynon, AFS and more
IFR Waypoints
Usage limitations Licence is valid on a single platform: iOS or Android.

No limitations to number
of devices or platforms.
(fair use policy)
Price / year €69,99 €150
  Buy now:

or buy a licence for
iOS or Android
in our webshop!
Buy now

Tell me about EasyVFR then!

Here's EasyVFR!

EasyVFR is available for Windows 7 and later, macOS, iOS and Android, and can be purchased for the platform of your choice. With our Frequent Flyer Membership (FFM) subscription you can even use it on ALL these platforms simultaneously. Work done on one device is cloud-synchronized to all other devices in your account.

EasyVFR combines the power of your device's built-in GPS receiver and the PocketFMS AeroDatabase to continuously show your position and the airspaces in your vicinity - and warns you if you get too close. Reliable airspace information is available at the tap of a finger, while the dashboard constantly provides you with valuable GPS flight information.


Adjust to any screen.

EasyVFR can adjust flawlessly to all screen sizes, resolutions, eye sights and orientations. Via a series of user-selectable “magnification levels”, users can set up font- and object sizes to their liking. This means no more fiddling with small buttons and difficult to read text in the cockpit; your attention should never deviate from flying. Above is an example of an iPad Mini configured for two types of operations.

Top Quality AeroData.

Professionally maintained AeroData.

EasyVFR uses professionally maintained AeroData, widely considered being the most complete available and supported by a.o. NATS & LVNL. Many systems only use AIP data, and so they miss out on many details like glider fields, heliports, ultralight strips and various other aerial activity areas. Try to find this AeroData detail in any other product.

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