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Update your Dynon SkyView System!

SkyView D1000. Experimental and LSA pilots know that they have some of the most technologically advanced GA aircraft flying. Dynon's SkyView systems honor that tradition with the next generation of glass panels, offering redundant networks and systems, incredibly bright screens, design flexibility, and future upgradability unsurpassed by anything else flying.

But now it gets even better: you can now use the proven and reliable PocketFMS Aeronautical Information ('AeroData') to update your Dynon SkyView SV-D700 or SV-D1000 - all year long, whenever and as often as you like! The AeroData contains airports (including many unlisted in official publications!), runways, frequencies, remarks, NavAids, Obstacles, IFR waypoints, VFR Reporting Points and airspaces. No maps are included; Dynon provide their own. Regions covered in a Dataset include the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Don't wait any longer and become a better informed pilot today!

Become a PocketFMS Member (€150 / year)
Downloading your SkyView Dataset is included in your membership
, but additionally:

    You'll have the benefit of using EasyVFR, our Flight Planning and Moving map software inc. weather, NOTAMs and ATC flight plan filing for your Windows PC, iMac, iPad, iPhone, and Android device.
    You'll be able to create flight plans on your laptop or tablet, and with one click load them into your SkyView (requires the Dynon WiFi solution).
    SkyView showing a georeferenced plate. You'll be able to export the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) plates for Europe to your SkyView using EasyVFR for Windows 7 and later or macOS - which are also included in your FFM licence.
    You'll be able to update your SkyView(s) an unlimited number of times while your subscription is current.
If your subscription expires, the SkyView(s) will continue to use the last Dataset loaded. You just won't be able to update anymore without a valid licence.
    You'll be able to use Charts you purchased for EasyVFR in your SkyView(s) without extra payment. This means a (growing) number of ICAO and similar charts can now be used on your Dynon!


- OR -

Purchase a SkyView Dataset-Only Subscription (€119 / year)
(Exporting of Approach Plates and the use of our PocketFMS / EasyVFR software is NOT included in a Dataset-Only Subscription. You can however use Charts that you purchase).


PLEASE NOTE: FFM or Dataset-Only, your Dataset is downloaded from our Members Only website or via the link provided in the email message you receive when a new Dataset becomes available. The login is done using your registered email address as the user name, and your Registration Number as the password. The first time you download your Dataset we'll need your master SkyView's serial number. Your Dataset will only load on the SkyView panel that you provided the serial number of.

If you have multiple SkyView panels installed, the other panel will be updated via the SkyView network - you only need 1 licence.

About PocketFMS AeroData.

The Aeronautical Information (AeroData) is produced by the PocketFMS team. This AeroData contains the airspaces, airports, runways, frequencies, obstacles, waypoints and more matters of concern to all VFR pilots. Approach plates, charts and the likes are explicitly NOT a part of the AeroData.

The AeroData is constantly maintained, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, by our team of Airmarshals. Each Airmarshal has his own area of responsibility, each is a pilot and/or air traffic controller. Since these Airmarshals are globally dispersed, AeroData maintenance is an ongoing process. This allows us to make swift corrections if an error is reported. You can find some more information on AeroData here.


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