#5 Moving PocketFMS to a different PC

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#5 Moving PocketFMS to a different PC

Postby rongrenfell » Fri Oct 28, 2011 21:19

If you've been using PocketFMS for a while, you will have invested quite a bit of effort in your current setup. Map settings, aircraft profiles, user waypoints, saved flight plans, ... If the need arises to start using PocketFMS on a different computer, whatever the reason, you don't want to have to start from scratch.

Following these steps in the order shown will establish PocketFMS on a different computer with the minimum disruption to existing settings.

- Ensure that you have an installer for the version of PocketFMS currently running on the old PC, or update the old PC to the version you intend installing on the new PC;

- On the old PC use File>Run External Tool>Settings Manager to create a settings export file. Note the name and location of the export file;

- Copy My Documents\PocketFMS (the entire folder) from the old PC to the new PC;

- Install PocketFMS on the new PC, but don't start it.

- Copy the following files from "Program Files\PocketFMS on the old PC to the same location on the new PC. If moving from a Windows 32 bit operating system to a 64bit system, "Program Files" becomes "Program Files (x86)":

the settings export file. If it was created in the default location, it will already have been copied with the PocketFMS folder.

- Start PocketFMS on the new PC. You will be prompted to enter your registration details;

- Use File>Run External Tool>Settings Manager to Restore the Export file created on the old PC (Note that this is not a typo. It is an Export file, but you are Restoring rather than Importing it;

- Restart PocketFMS;

- Download fresh AeroData;

- Use Internet>Maps>... to re-download your preferred maps;

- Restart PocketFMS.

Of course, all this assumes that the reason for moving to a new installation is not due to a hard disk crash or other catastrophic hardware failure, which prevents access to your data files. To guard against that eventuality we strongly recommend that you establish a periodic backup/export regime for the mentioned data and store the files on a different hard drive or removable media.

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