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PocketFMS Newsletter 20MAR2015.
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Dear Pilot,

This year, we’re having the PocketFMS fly-in at Atlas Airfield (EDWQ), near Bremen, Germany from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 June. It is a beautiful airfield with AVGas, Mogas and Jet fuel, 836 meters of asphalt runway, scenic locations in the area and interesting day-trip destinations (25 minutes flying to Wangerooge island airport, 45 minutes to Helgoland island airport).

Camp under your wings!   Camping under your wings is possible, and there are plenty of hotels in the area. Our fly-ins have always been great fun, and form a wonderful opportunity for PocketFMS & EasyVFR users to get to know one another and the PocketFMS Crew. Freedom is the keyword: you come when you want, you leave when you want, you go where you want in the meantime. The Team will be available all Saturday to answer your questions and listen to your ideas.

By the end of Saturday 20 June, we’ll have our famous annual BBQ. Stake your claim on a burger now! While there are no formalities, if you do intend on coming we’d appreciate it if you’d let us know by clicking here. We are all pilots, so we know the effects of weather and technical problems. There is no obligation to let us know, but it helps us to know if you intend on coming. You can also find out about nearby hotels on that page, but usually there are a number of 'under-wing-campers' as well each year.

If the flight to Atlas Airfield is too far for you, then Bremen airport is close by. With many low cost commercial flights, you can still join us! Every year some members join us for our fly-in, having come by commercial flights! Come and meet your fellow users, and the Crew.

  Old Sarum photos.   In 2013 we went to Old Sarum in the UK, and had such a great time that we went back again in 2014!
  In 2012, our fly-in was held in Granville, France. We even had visitors from Australia!   Granville photos.
  Münster-Telgte photos.  

In 2011 we met up in Münster-Telgte, Germany. Ice cold beer for just a buck!

We look forward to seeing you, your family and your friends at Atlas Airfield in June, and here's to another wonderful PocketFMS fly-in!

Marcel, Ron, Colm, Stu, Bob, Dave, Tobias, Michel, Johan and Rob.


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