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PocketFMS Newsletters.

Newsletter archive.

On occasion, and only to those on our mailing list, we send out email messages to inform our users of new developments, ideas, plans and procedures. These messages are stored in this here central archive for easy reference lateron.

To enroll on (or leave) the mailing list you can go here. We do not track you via these messages, and we do not allow 3rd party use of the email addresses we have. Details are described in our Privacy Policy.


Mailings Overview.

2016 mailings.
  04FEB2016 EasyVFR 3.90.0 says Hi - and it says a lot more!


2015 mailings.
  06NOV2015 Here's EasyVFR 3.81.0 - and a free AirspaceAVOID for the Dutchies!.
  06JUN2015 Don't forget the fly-in!
  09APR2015 EasyVFR 3.60.2: again a new standard in innovation.
  20MAR2015 We're having a fly-in, and you are invited!


2014 mailings.
  24DEC2014 Release of EasyVFR 3.50 with W&B and performance. Now also on OS X!
  07OCT2014 Release of EasyVFR 3.40 with circuit direction and improved ICW.
  16JUL2014 The PocketFMS Fly-In 2014.
  25JUN2014 Release of EasyVFR 3.30.1, ABAR 2014.
  24MAR2014 Always be aware of your local NOTAMs: EasyVFR NOTAM Alert service!
  12FEB2014 EasyVFR now creates your PDF Trip Kit.
  20JAN2014 Win an iPad contest.
  09JAN2014 Introduction of online ATC flight plan filing.


2013 mailings.
  19DEC2013 NLR apps & nav solutions Survey.
  04DEC2013 EasyVFR for Windows 7 & 8 goes Beta, export plates to Dynon SkyView.
  09OCT2013 EasyVFR 3.9.0 featuring new Info Center.
  17SEP2013 iOS7 Impacts on EasyVFR.
  07AUG2013 UK AirspaceAVOID is now NATS endorsed, Old Sarum fly-in..
  23JUL2013 EasyVFR 3.0.8 for iOS and Android, Old Sarum fly-in.
  09JUL2013 PocketFMS fly-in at Old Sarum.
  02JUL2013 EFB system updates & enhancements.
  14JUN2013 NOTAM system in EasyVFR introduced.
  07JUN2013 Flying in France.
  24MAY2013 AirspaceAVOID Terrain Shaded basemaps offer.
  24MAY2013 EasyVFR now available on iOS.
  13MAY2013 Introduction of EasyVFR.
  03MAY2013 Vertical Profile View, EFB, EasyVFR Tutorials.
  12FEB2013 10 Years, release 2.0.4, PocketFMS App will become EasyVFR.


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