The EasyVFR Apps.

Here is where you'll find help for the EasyVFR Apps. The Apps may be used on a fair number of devices for your own, personal use.

Basic, Standard and FFM.

EasyVFR comes in a few flavors. The Basic version is available for free, and at this time available for the Netherlands and the UK only. It is limited in functionality, and replaces AirspaceAVOID.

EasyVFR Standard is basically the full, unlimited version but will function only on one platform: it'll work on iOS or Android. No Windows, no macOS.

EasyVFR Frequent Flyer ('FFM') is the truly limitless version, which has all features on all platforms simultaneously.

Features referenced to in this help file may therefore not be available on all EasyVFR versions.

Obtaining the Apps.

Depending on the hardware you have, there are multiple options:

  1. For iOS (iPad / iPhone) you visit the Apple AppStore.
  2. For Android you visit Google Play.
  3. For Windows and macOS see our website.

Please note that the Apps will only function with the proper licence details entered. These details also ensure a proper linkage with the other PocketFMS versions in your possession, so that information can be easily exchanged.

Installation of the Apps.

The Apps install directly from either the AppStore or Play. It is advised when so asked to allow the Apps to automatically update themselves. This ensures you work with the latest versions at all times. In general, no uninstallation is required when updating and your existing settings will remain untouched.

The App comes without any data initially. After installation you'll need to do a one-time setup.

Licence activation for EasyVFR Standard and higher.

You should start with entering your registered email address and the matching registration number so the App can confirm your paid licence. A licence can be obtained in the PocketFMS Shop, assistance is available via

First time setup.

Next step is to download the data. Please press Download Data and then Base Set Catalogue and select the region of the world you're interested in. The download (especially the Base Map and Terrain Data) is of considerable size, and we recommend you do this only via WiFi. Later downloads will be noticeable smaller, since you'll only download the AeroData and AirspaceData. Once complete you will be taken to the main menu; you'll wind up here each time you start the App from now on.

Main menu.

On top of the main menu is your primary security check: the AeroData Effective Dates. All green means up to date, a red line suggests you should push the Download Data slightly lower down before planning and flying. Using WiFi is recommended.

Via the Main Menu you'll also find the Limitations of the App and its data, and the Conditions of Use that apply. It is recommended you read them sometime.

When you have no more business in the Main Menu, press Agree to go to operational mode. Only on Android you'll also find a Disagree button which will end the App.

Using the tabs.

The functionality of the Apps is grouped in a number of tabs that appear on the left hand side of the moving map screen. To open or close a tab, just tap its label. Only one tab can be open at any time.

Stopping the App.

To end the App:

Apple logo. On iOS you need to be an expert! Press the Home button once, then press it twice. Then press and hold the PocketFMS icon until the little red circle appears on the icon, and tap that circle. Then press the Home button once more, and then another time. Get a coffee; you've earned it.
Android logo. Press MENU and then Exit App. No time for coffee.