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Glider Pilot Shop ('GPS') AeroData.

GPS AeroData can be used on e.g. the LX Nav 9000. Glider pilots are required to prepare their flights just like all other recreational, commercial, and military pilots. The meteorological situation and navigational aspects are carefully studied. The glider is checked meticulously and all required documents must be verified as valid. On top of that, the rules applicable to the flight must be read and understood. These rules come in two forms: the general regulations as published in the Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP) and the daily rules as published in the Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs). This information tells the pilot where he or she is allowed to fly, which threats are to be expected, and what requirements are to be adhered to in each particular airspace. The PocketFMS Foundation has well over a decade of experience in gathering, processing and distributing that information.

The challenge for the pilot, in this three dimensional environment with its invisible restrictions, is to visualize these restrictions, threats, and requirements in a comprehensive way.

Assisting the glider pilot in creating that picture is precisely the goal of GPS AeroData.

What do I need & how do I get it?

The Glider Pilot Shop ('GPS') AeroData can be used on a series of glider EFIS devices. The full list of compatible devices / programs is listed here. So you'll need one of these to begin with. A proper place to acquire one would be the Glider Pilot Shop, and it is expected that more devices from other manufacturers will soon follow.

Then you'll also need either a PocketFMS Frequent Flyer Membership (FFM) or a GPS AeroData licence. The FFM licence allows you, in addition of updating your equipment, to also use our EasyVFR flight planning software for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, which is widely used in General Aviation. You can also use our databases for your MGL Avionics or Dynon SkyView devices at no extra cost. The GPS AeroData licence allows you just the GPS AeroDataset downloads for the period of one year.

If you're already a PocketFMS Frequent Flyer Member then this Dataset, like all other Datasets, is of course free of charge for you!

Don't wait any longer and become a better informed pilot today!

Purchase a
GPS AeroData-Only Subscription
(€36 / year)
or Purchase a
Frequent Flyer Membership

(€150 / year)


PLEASE NOTE: With either licence type, your Dataset is downloaded from the PocketFMS Members Only website. The first time you'll need to log in there and specify the serial number(s) of the device(s) you'll be using. Login is done using your registered email address as the user name, and your Registration Number as the password. Subsequent downloads can be done from the GPS AeroData website without the need for a login.

If you have multiple panels installed, the other panel will be updated via the network - you only need one licence for one plane.

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