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The place to get PocketFMS & EasyVFR!

Download PocketFMS.PocketFMS Desktop version is now available. Changes that have taken place are documented in the Release Notes section. We may even use the Release Notes section to tip you on upcoming enhancements . . The software is the real thing - but it will work only for a 30-day period. After that, you'll need a licence to use it.


You will be required to register with us before you can use the software.
This is a one-time only process, by which you will receive a Registration Number via email to unlock PocketFMS. Without a valid registration number, PocketFMS Desktop will not start - so please provide a correct & valid email address. Yes, it's safe with us!


Existing users, please note:
  1. If you have a valid Frequent Flyer Membership (a subscription), all software upgrades are free. This includes EasyVFR and AirspaceAVOID on all platforms.
  2. If you have a Fusion licence, the software can be updated as long as you are still in your 6 months support period. Once that has expired, you'll need to buy an Update in our Shop if you want to update.
  3. The PocketFMS Desktop downloads contain large amounts of AeroData, ElevData and MapData to get new users started more easy. If you already have PocketFMS Desktop installed, you can log in on Members Only (using your email address and registration number) to have a far smaller download.


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