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Utilities for PocketFMS Desktop & EasyVFR.

Here are some programs that can be used with PocketFMS Desktop or EasyVFR. They may or may not be specifically designed for our products and are not developed by the PocketFMS team, though we may have contributed to development by making certain technical details available to the respective authors. For support of these programs we must refer you to the respective authors. Links to the author's website's are supplied when available so you can check for the latest version - though we aim to offer these here as well. The arrows offer the file for download from the PocketFMS.com website rather than from the author's.

What's on the menu:

  Download Link Author & website
(Updated / version)
  Advanced Flight Systems
(10NOV2020 / 9)
This DLL should be copied into the PocketFMS Desktop program folder (typically C:\Program Files\PocketFMS or C:\Users\<Your local user name>\AppData\Local\Programs\PocketFMS and provides the EFIS Dataset export for Advanced Flight Systems. It should replace the existing DLL.
  Grant Dunoon
(15JUL2005 / 1.1)
BreadcrumbExport is a wizard that exports the PocketFMS Breadcrumb files to CSV. This will allow you to import your breadcrumbs into several other applications. Includes export to breadcrumb format as well!
This functionality is also available via File | External Tools in PocketFMS Desktop.
  Jörg Pauly
(01MAR2015 / 01)
GeoTrans is an Android tool that allows your Android cell phone's GPS signal to be relayed to your tablet, in case the tablet happens to be one without an internal GPS. Saves you the purchase of a standalone GPS receiver! As to usage, Jörg states:
  • Have GeoTrans installed on a smartphone, and EasyVFR on a tablet.
  • Get the smart phone in tethering mode (making it a mobile WIFI hotspot) and connect the tablet to it.
  • In Settings | About | Status you can now see the tablet's IP address.
  • Startup GeoTrans, set the IP address to the tablet's and the port to 11000.
  • Push [Start] and wait a minute to let the smartphone get a fix. EasyVFR then will use this fix.
  Ubi Sumus
(15MAR2012 / 05)
XConn is a nifty tool that allows you to connect PocketFMS to Microsoft's Flight Simulator X (for connecting to previous versions you'll need the above GPSOut by Peter Dawson). Extensive user documentation is enclosed. New features in this version of xConn are:
  • Output over network using UDP/TCP protocol
    (Rob used it to test the upcoming iPad and Android versions of PocketFMS!),
  • Auto connect to FSX if it's not running when xConn is launched,
  • New settings dialogue.
  Ubi Sumus
(07JAN2019 / 08)
EasySim is a very easy way to get acquainted with our software! It generates NMEA output based on your keystrokes (setting speed, altitude and direction), which PocketFMS interprets as being received from a GPS receiver. Documentation is enclosed. New features in EasySim are:
  • Data output over the network using UPD protocol for smart devices, see PocketFMS Simulator with EasyVFR
  • Re-fly a previously recorded track in various formats, merge tracks,
  • Redesigned modern instruments,
  • Added dynamic traffic to simulate ADS-B devices,
  • Added attitude info to simulate AHRS devices,
  • Added GDL90 and FLARM protocols,
  • Added new key assignment, now you can configure your preferred keys to control easySim,
  • New user manual,
  • Removed serial interface. If you need the abandoned functionalities, contact the author to get the old version of easySim).
  Ubi Sumus
(30SEP2013 / 0.1)
xUDPNMEA is a plug-in for X-Plane 10 to test-drive PocketFMS / EasyVFR. Similar to the xConn tool for Microsoft FS but in a very basic version; it just sends NMEA sentences GPRMC, GPGSA and GPGGA continuously in a 1 second interval, no support for serial ports since that's an option in X-Plane's output. IP-address and port can be set in a widget and are stored in a configuration file for later usage.
(12AUG2011 / 1.3.1)
PocketFMS UI is a tool that allows you to graphically redesign the PocketFMS Desktop's User Interface files - without requiring any knowledge of XML at all! Just drag and drop buttons and assign functions to them, and PocketFMS UI creates the XML file you need! No installation is required, simply download & run. Changes for this version are:
  • FIX: Added functionality to stencil button context menu Remove.
  Kevin Roll
X-Plane to GPS is a quick and easy means to link EasyVFR for Android to your X-Plane flight simulator - well worth the few pennies they ask for!


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