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Introducing: the PocketFMS Foundation.

Our Mission Statement:
The PocketFMS Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing the enjoyment of aviators worldwide by providing the means for improved safety and convenience; above and beyond what has been done before.

The Foundation serves these 5 purposes:

  1. To maintain the Safety of our Users; when we have a choice in anything we do, Aviation Safety will always be our dominant consideration.
  2. To provide worldwide aviation information of the highest accuracy, content, and currency, at an affordable price.
  3. To provide flight planning and navigation software for pilots by pilots; highly functional, easy to use, and at an affordable price.
  4. To utilize reliable local knowledge wherever possible; we acknowledge that aviation is international, but recognize that regional differences exist.
  5. To maintain a sense of community in our users through shared values of safety, convenience, quality, responsiveness, contribution to the common good, and practical aviation experience; we believe in the Fellowship of Aviation and want our users to enjoy their aviation experience to the fullest, as we do ourselves.

The PocketFMS Crew.

Somewhere in March 2003, Rob Weijers and Marcel Knol were introduced to each other by a mutual pilot acquaintance. At that time, Rob had just started developing a little program that used a GPS and a Pocket PC to serve as an aid in his CPL training. Marcel offered to assist him by developing documentation and a web site, and by doing software beta testing - remember, Pocket PC's were few in those days. It was the start of a cooperation that still lasts, and has resulted in the versatile PocketFMS software you may still be using.

In Feb 2013, a successor for the PocketFMS software was released. It's called EasyVFR and can be used on a wider and more modern range of platforms, including but not limited to iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone 8. The PocketFMS software will remain available for a long time still due to its large audience of frequent users, though development has been frozen.

Rob and Marcel both live in the center part of the Netherlands, and are home-based at Lelystad Airport (EHLE) which also is home for the PocketFMS Headquarters. Both are licensed aviators as well as ICT professionals, and frequently take national and international flying trips together. Building PocketFMS was done in the evenings and weekends, and initially the software was offered as Donationware. In July 2005, their cooperation was formalized in the PocketFMS Foundation. Per January 2006 Ron Grenfell has teamed up, becoming the Regional Partner for Australia and New Zealand. In March 2007 the next step was taken: developing PocketFMS has become the daytime job for Rob and Marcel, abandoning the Donationware model for a subscription based one. On popular request, the non-subscription Fusion version was added lateron. In 2013, EasyVFR was released and became an instant succes.

Rob Weijers is PocketFMS' mastermind. He made the program into the powerful tool it is today via an ever continuing process of improvement, and is an innovative thinker, and a genuine C++ & SQL Server Guru, always coming up with further ideas to enhance PocketFMS' usability and versatility.

Rob holds a JAA CPL-IR. He flies Diamond Katana & Star (in any configuration), Fuji FA-200, Cessna 172 and 177RG (Cardinal). He acts as First Officer on a PA-31 Navajo as well.
Marcel 'Nosegear' Knol is a former software developer with roots in the Royal Dutch Air Force. He maintains the PocketFMS documentation such as the manual and this website, but also builds various php/ASP/SQL Server solutions that PocketFMS uses to connect to the servers, and coordinates the AeroData maintenance.

Marcel holds both US and JAA licences. He flies Cessna 152, 172, 177RG (Cardinal), Piper Warrior, American Tiger, Diamond Star (any configuration), Piper Cub and Socata TB10. For the ever so necessary aerobatics he mostly uses the Fuji FA200 & General Avia F22B.
Dr. Ron Grenfell has joined the Crew as the Regional Partner for Australia and New Zealand. Ron has an academic background in business development, mapping and Geographic Information Systems. He provides the Foundation with valuable strategic information for program development and marketing.

Ron holds an Australian PPL. He is a member of the Royal Victorian Aero Club and flies Piper Warrior, Archer & Arrow, Cessna 172, and Socata TB10.

The Beta Crew.

A very elite group of expert PocketFMS users together forms the Beta Crew. All licensed pilots without an exception, these fine aviators of diverse nationalities were hand-picked by the Crew because of their displayed skills and expertise in various subjects. Beta Crew members have access to pre-release / developmental versions of the PocketFMS software, have their own virtual Crew Room, closed-for-the-public forums and a serious vote regarding the direction of development of PocketFMS. Without these people's drive, knowledge and perseverance PocketFMS could never be what it is today!

The currently active Beta Crew members in no particular order are:

Ron Grenfell (Australia & New Zealand)
Regional Partner AUS / NZ & Airmarshal
Luis 'Skyvagabond' Avila (Spain)
Beta Crew member
Johan 'Jolo' Löfström (Sweden)
Beta Crew member & Airmarshal
Michel Verheughe (Norway)
Beta Crew member, Graphics Designer & Airmarshal
Colm 'DublinPilot' Farrell (Ireland)
Beta Crew member, programmer & Strategic Advisor
Dave 'Roweda' Rowe (United Kingdom)
Beta Crew member & Master Airmarshal
Tobias 'Tobik' Kretschmar (Germany)
Beta Crew member & Airmarshal
Stewart 'Stu B' Buckingham (United Kingdom)
Beta Crew member
Bob Ivison (United Kingdom)
Beta Crew member
Bernd Seeger (Germany)
Beta Crew member
Jan 'L.D. Duck' Verwoerd (The Netherlands)
Beta Crew member

PocketFMS Foreign Offices.

PocketFMS (Germany) [email]
Mr. Holger Klemt
Im Gewerbepark 8
27798 Hude
PocketFMS (Australia)
Apt 1101, 127 Beach Street
3207, Port Melbourne, VIC
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