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FFM, Fusion and EasyVFR licences.

Our software products are available in 4 licence formats. This allows you to select exactly what you need.

  1. Frequent Flyer Membership (FFM), our flagship product.
  2. Fusion.
  3. EasyVFR-Only.
  4. EFIS Data Only.

FFM and Fusion are basically the same set of programs and options but with a slightly different usage perspective. The FFM licence is subscription-based and will allow you access to all of our services, programs and data for the period of one year, after which the doors are closed unless the FFM licence is renewed. With Fusion you initially have a higher starting price, but the software doesn't shut down when the licence period expires, allowing you to continue using it - albeit with outdated information. Fusion won't allow you to perform AeroData exports to glass cockpits (EFIS).

With both the FFM and Fusion licences, you can use EasyVFR on multiple phones, iPads and/or Android devices for personal use as well, and at no extra costs. All of your devices are interconnected in the PocketFMS Cloud, so you can plan on your laptop and fly with your iPhone if you wish. Personal settings and such are also synchronized via the Cloud, so e.g. NOTAMs you decide are irrelevant on your laptop will also be hidden on your phone.

The 3rd licence option is an EasyVFR-only licence. This subscription costs considerably less, but you can only use EasyVFR on a single platform - so you cannot e.g. plan on Windows and fly with your Android phone then. Some other features are limited as well.
You can compare the various licences here.

Lastly, an EFIS Dataset-Only licence allows you to update your Dynon, MGL or AFS EFIS's databases, but does not allow use of our programs for flight planning. A Dataset, once loaded on the EFIS, will remain functional.

PocketFMS Desktop.

PLEASE NOTE: PocketFMS Desktop and PocketFMS Mobile are considered obsolete and unsupported.
They have been replaced with the EasyVFR software for a far wider range of systems.

The classic PocketFMS Desktop software with which it all began well over a decade ago is also still available to the addicts. It is included in both the FFM and Fusion licences, but it is considered frozen and unsupported. It still works & has updated data, but no changes are expected to be made to the software anymore. You can download it via the [PocketFMS Desktop] link on the left.


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