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Which PocketFMS software is available . .

. . and what can I do with it? Basically, we have a few different software solutions you can use.



Running on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, this is the tool any serious VFR pilot will need.

EasyVFR Basic (NL and UK versions)

If you don't need elaborate flight planning, but would like some reassurance you don't bust an airspace, this affordable program might just be what you're looking for! The good news is: these apps are FREE!

EFIS Datasets

Flying with an MGL or Dynon Avionics panel? Our EFIS Datasets get you updated at least every 28 days.

PocketFMS Desktop

The Windows & Windows Mobile / CE tool that started it all way back in 2001 is now retired - though available and used by many still!


All PocketFMS software is designed, built and maintained by pilots for pilots. Because we think you need to be a pilot in order to understand a pilot's perspective. This philosophy places PocketFMS in a league of its own: different, more to the job and shaped by years of airborne experience. Ours and yours: the evolution of PocketFMS has always been inspired by the feedback from our users.


3 Levels of Assistance!

EasyVFR will help you in all stages of the flight: before, during and after. Here's how:

One. Flight Planning becomes a breeze: Weather information from the internet is automatically used, easy drag-and-drop planning makes 'What-If' planning peanuts. Just indicate your departure and destination and select which aircraft you're using: EasyVFR will do the rest, including Weight & Balance, Performance and Fuel Consumption computations. Do you want to avoid all airspace classes A, B and C? Military airspace? Low cloud base? Terrain over 6000'? We'll will route you around at the press of a button. Oh, and don't worry about the paperwork - EasyVFR takes care of that too. NavLogs, ATC Flight Plans, airspace reports, NOTAMs - it's all there! Before taking the trip you might even want to digitally file a flight plan with ATC first.
Two. More time to enjoy your flight makes for a safer ride: EasyVFR clearly shows where you are and where you should be with it's highly customizable Moving Map displays that hold all major (and a lot not so major) VFR landmarks. No fumbling with large paper maps and trying to read tiny printed upside down texts in hazy colors - our Smart Declutter makes sure you see what you need to see. In flight you'll receive Obstacle & Airspace warnings well ahead, radio frequencies when necessary, and you'll see NOTAMs on the map. Diverting is a matter of a few clicks, high terrain in your vicinity can be colored red on the Moving Maps based on your height over it - all you need to do is relax and monitor your trip!
Three. No job is finished until the paperwork is done: With EasyVFR you can review the flight you have just made by displaying it back on the Moving Maps - or again with Google Earth. You can print it together with the background map as a reminder for passengers, or as proof of your good (or bad!) conduct near that CTR. PocketFMS also keeps your flight times and positions logged, so you can easily fill in your logbook lateron.

But it's better than just a few facts: we often hear from our users that EasyVFR brought back the Fun into Flying! You get more time to enjoy your flight when using it, because of the reduced cockpit workload. A relaxed and well-informed pilot statistically has a larger chance on meeting his grandchildren . .

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