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Our Partners.

With a growing number of organisations arrangements have been made that either are PocketFMS Agents, allow a close cooperation of their products with PocketFMS, or provide other benefits for PocketFMS users. These organisations are listed below in no particular order. You can click their logo to visit their website.

  Light Aviation Pilot Shop logo.   The Light Aviation Pilot Shop is the official dealer for the Naviter-built PocketFMS Oudie device and offers a whealth of pilot accesories, ranging from cockpit devices, oxygen system to parachutes. You may already know their sister organisation, the Glider Pilot Shop.
  Naviter logo.   The Naviter company started in the glider world, building products such as SeeYou and SeeYou Mobile glider naviagtion software, but they also developed the highly popular Oudie - which is now the preferred device for PocketFMS Mobile as well!
  UL GmbH logo.   UL-Gmbh, run by Uwe Post and Florian Reichel, is our German partner for Dynon Avionics equipment. They provide support for Dynon in both English and German, in which the customer will always be the center point.
  Dynon Avionics logo.   Dynon Avionics have developed the SkyView 7"and 10" panel-mount EFIS devices; complete glass cockpit solutions with exceptional performance for experimental and LSA pilots. PocketFMS Members (FFM) can update their SkyView device's navigation databases for free using the PocketFMS AeroData. Others can purchase Datasets to do so.
  Becker Avionics logo.   Becker Avionics, known for the design, development, certification and production of robust airborne computers, aircraft radios and transponders, digital audio systems, and ground ATC radios, have teamed up with PocketFMS.
  TopMeteo logo.   TopMeteo (formerly known as Wetter-Jetzt) powers the European weather system for PocketFMS - without additional costs to PocketFMS license holders.
  Rocket Route logo.   Rocket Route handles worldwide flight planning and ATC flight plan filing, and allows EasyVFR users to file their plans without any hassles.
  FLARM logo.   The FLARM Portable Collision Avoidance System & GPS receiver (based on FLARM peer-to-peer and transponder detection) is fully compatible with PocketFMS. Other traffic will be displayed on the Moving Maps.
  Semsons & Co logo.   PocketFMS license holders get a 10% discount on most of the items in the Semsons & Co. webshop.
  MGL Logo.   The ever so popular MGL Avionics Enigma & Odyssey glass cockpits can be updated using the PocketFMS AeroData - without additional costs to PocketFMS licence holders.
  AeroParts logo.   Aeroparts carries a broad range of PocketFMS compatible devices. They are PocketFMS and MGL Avionics distributors. Ask for discounts!
  AFS logo.   Users of the EFIS devices built by Advanced Flight Systems can now also use the PocketFMS AeroData to update their databases - again at no additional costs to PocketFMS licence holders.



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