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Our Software Licence Policy.

The PocketFMS Foundation is a registered not-for-profit company and acts according to its Charter and all applicable laws and regulations. Commencing in April 2007, other than for trial periods and special arrangements, access to PocketFMS products and services requires a valid and active licence. A licence is considered valid when issued by the PocketFMS Foundation, and active as long as the present date falls within the licence's Support Period.

  The Support Period for
  a Fusion licence is 6 months from activation,
  a Frequent Flyer Membership (FFM) licence is a full year from activation.


We use the term 'Member' to foster a community approach to our activities rather than a hard commercial approach. A Member is any person who has an active licence.

  Being a Member signifies that:
  you can have a direct influence over the development of the products and services that the we provide,
  excess financial resources, over and above what is required to operate the Foundation, will be returned to you in better products and services or lower subscription rates,
  the Foundation's activities are not motivated by profit and there is no pressure from shareholders to make profits from you.
  it is required and expected that you comply with any licence or policy conditions published by the Foundation.

A FFM licence (subscription) may be paid for 12 months at a time, a Fusion licence requires a one-off payment. A notice will be sent electronically prior to the FFM expiring, followed by reminders, until the FFM is renewed or it expires. If the FFM is not renewed by the due date, access to software and data services will be removed. This is not the case for a Fusion licence where only the access to data services will terminate. Please refer to our Software Termination Policy below for further details.


Our Software Termination Policy.

Under the terms of the PocketFMS End User Licence Agreement (EULA), accepted at installation by all users of PocketFMS, the Software may be incapacitated if a valid licence is not confirmed. It is your responsibility to maintain a valid licence.

Frequent Flyer Membership (FFM) / Subscription licences
  Thirty days prior to a subscription or trial-period end date, a notice will be sent to your registered email address advising you to renew your subscription and providing instructions on how to do so. Seven days prior to a subscription or trial-period end date, a reminder notice will be sent to your registered email address.

Whenever PocketFMS is started within thirty days prior to a subscription or trial-period end date it will display a form which, if an Internet connection is available, allows immediate subscription renewal online. If the subscription has not expired, the form may be cancelled and the Software used unhindered. If the subscription has expired and is not renewed, the Software will be incapacitated - it will not function until a valid subscription is detected.
Fusion licences
  A Fusion licence does not have a technical end date, though access to data services will terminate six months after the licence was activated. No messages or reminders will be issued. The software will continue to function, basically indefinitely, albeit with outdated information for which a warning will be issued at each program start.

Since any PocketFMS licence is personal and non-transferrable, certain automated monitoring is in place to ensure that the EULA restrictions are maintained. In case of determined or suspected account abuse or EULA breach, The PocketFMS Foundation is able and authorized to deactivate the licence in question until further investigation has taken place or until said abuse is terminated.

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