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How to reach the PocketFMS People?

Contact the PocketFMS Crew.Before you contact us, please check if it's really necessary to do so. The Crew spend much time answering questions that are answered in manuals, tutorials or on the forum. The time that we have to spend in answering unnecessary questions is time not spent in development of EasyVFR!

Please verify that you use the latest software versions before asking questions or reporting bugs. The newest version may already cure what your question was about. Support is only guaranteed for the latest versions.

  You might also find answers:
  In the EasyVFR tutorials.
We explain how EasyVFR can be used most conveniently. You'll also find a few short instruction videos there.
  In the EasyVFR manual.
You can find direct explanations for each of the buttons & controls in the EasyVFR App here; most of these also apply to the AirspaceAVOID Apps.
  On the PocketFMS forum.
You can exchange information with the Crew and fellow users. The forum also has a Search function.

If you need to contact us on the PocketFMS AeroData, please use the [AeroData Remark] button on the left.

Lost passwords & registration numbers.

  A missing Registration Number:
Press the [Lost Registration Nr] button on the left and enter the email address you registered with us. Your Registration Number will immediately be emailed to that address.
This combination is used to unlock pretty much anything we offer, except for the forum.
  A missing Forum Password:
Press the [Lost Forum password] button on the left. After filling in some required info your password will immediately be emailed to you.

As a last resort, press the [Contact the Crew] button on the left and carefully select the most appropriate subject. The subject defines where your message is sent to, preventing unnecessary delays.


Social media.

If you wish, you can follow us on Facebook. Not meant as a primary means of support, but you can get quick glimpses of development, photos and other potentially interesting newsflashes there. We have 2 instances:

  Crew PocketFMS, where you can become Facebook Friends with the Crew, and
  the corporate PocketFMS Facebook page. We welcome your Like!

PocketFMS bank details.

Our bank details are displayed below, as well as on our orders and invoices. Please remember that when you're paying per bank transfer you need to specify a valid 9-digit order number and your 5-letter user ID! Without those, we won't be able to process your payment. If we have not responded to your bank transfer in 2 weeks, we might simply not be able to contact you, so please contact US in that case!

Bank details
Bank name ING bank NV
Place Amsterdam
Country The Netherlands
PocketFMS Bank Account details
Account holder The PocketFMS Foundation
Place Lelystad Airport
Country The Netherlands
IBAN NL62 INGB 0000 8752 02
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