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Understanding EasyVFR.

EasyVFR logo.EasyVFR is what it's name implies: Easy to use and Easy to understand. This however doesn't mean you should just download it, climb in your plane and find out how it works - some study is highly recommended so you're thoroughly aware of EasyVFR's possibilities.

Please take your time and make yourself familiar with EasyVFR before you take to flight - but that's just plain airmanship, right!

1. Instructions & Tips videos.

These videos take little of your time (just about one minute each) and each handles a specific topic. We'll be adding more information over time, right now we have for you:

  #1 Is EasyVFR for me?
A general overview of using EasyVFR, showing you the most commonly used features in a glance.
  #2 NOTAMs a drag?
See how EasyVFR's NOTAM system helps you quickly separate the wheat from the chaff. A quick yet thorough NOTAM briefing is certainly possible!
  #3 Find your way through the sky.
Where am I now, and where do I want to go? EasyVFR shows you at the touch of a finger!
  #4 Mountains made Easy.
Flying in higher terrain requires extra pilot's attention. EasyVFR can help you - a lot!


2. Tutorials.

Looking for more in-depth information? Take your time to work through these web tutorials on a rainy Sunday afternoon and you can become an EasyVFR expert in very little time.

EasyVFR Tutorials.


  iOS Installation.
Learn how to conveniently install EasyVFR on your iPad and/or iPhone. From locating EasyVFR in the AppStore all the way to having it run on your device.
  Windows Installation.
Learn how to conveniently install EasyVFR on your Windows 7 or later PC, laptop or tablet. From downloading EasyVFR all the way to running it on your device.
  Android Installation.
Here's how you easily install EasyVFR on your Android tablet or phone. About finding EasyVFR in Google Play all the way to running it on your device.
  macOS Installation.
EasyVFR is available for Apple's macOS as well; here's how to download and install it on your Mac.

Getting started.

  First run & Setup.
What to do when you just installed EasyVFR on your device, downloading Base Sets for your region.
  Update your AeroData.
Making sure you get the latest aeronautical information in EasyVFR. No reasons anymore to fly with old information; these updates are part of the deal with EasyVFR!
  Update your Basemaps.
Obtain and use the background map(s) that you wish to use. Need our excellent Roads & Rivers maps, or perhaps you prefer to use the official ICAO chart? Here's how!

Start planning!

  Create a FlightPlan.
How to make your very first simple Route in EasyVFR. You're just a few taps away from flight planning in the 21st century and creating both single and multileg Routes in under a minute.
  Advanced Flight Planning.
Making more of flight planning in EasyVFR. Become better aware of the airspace around you, work with more details in your FlightPlan and incorporate the present meteo.
  Automatic Flight Planning.
Have EasyVFR solve the flight planning for you and stay clear of certain airspaces and terrain automatically. Learn how to instruct EasyVFR to stay away from Class A airspaces, Restricted Areas and high terrain - all by itself!
  ATC flight plan filing.
You're done planning, the trip is going to be just great. Now let's inform ATC of your plan by simply clicking a few buttons!
  Trip Kit.
Is it required to bring some paperwork aboard? Airmanship says "Yes" in any sensible way you look at it. The Trip Kit is a complete set of documents you need for your flight, conveniently generated at a few button presses!
  Vertical Profile View (VPV).
Your flight will take you through a variety of airspace types and classes. Some of them you might be able to avoid by overflying or underflying them. The Vertical Profile View shows your flight viewed sideways and even allows you to simply adjust your planned altitude by dragging your track up or down. Will you be able to clear that obstacle? VPV knows.

Advanced Use.

  Flight Tracking.
Would you like to show those who remain on the ground where you're flying now - and we mean right now? With a few simple steps you can share your position, for others to follow on a special web site!
  Voice Guidance.
You'd rather look outside when flying! That's why EasyVFR can assist you by speaking to you at the moments that it matters. Here's how to switch Spoken Alerts ON and have EasyVFR talk you through the trip.

Aircraft Profiles.

  Create your first Profile.
EasyVFR allows you to create profiles for the aircraft that your regularly fly, so it has performance, weight & balance and other information to better calculate your flight details. Set up once for many years of convenience!
  Aircraft Details.
Learn how to set some static information of your aircraft in EasyVFR. This information will then be used to file ATC flight plans, compute weight and balance and to determine performance.
  Weight & Balance.
Here's how to set up the Weight & Balance data for the various aircraft you fly. Learn how to define your aircraft's envelope, and discover the ease of making a W & B before your next flight!
  Expert Power settings.
If you really want the numbers to match exactly or you fly a high performance aircraft, this tutorial will help you tweak your power settings for each altitude separately.

NOTAMs to the next level.

  NOTAM Briefing.
No flight starts safely without you reading the NOTAMs. No need to go through tons of NOTAMs each and every time anymore! EasyVFR remembers which NOTAMs are not interesting for you, and greatly reduces the work.
  NOTAM Alerts.
Wouldn't it be great if you were automatically alerted if a potentially interesting NOTAM was issued for your region? You can now receive alerts based on your own settings!


  Weather Briefing.
Accurate weather information is critical to each pilot. With EasyVFR's WX Briefing you'll be constantly aware of the weather surrounding you - even plotted on your Moving Map.

Plates and other info.

  Electronic Flight Bag.
Airfield information and approach plates are all at hand in the EFB. Many of the charts are georeferenced, meaning they can be displayed on the right spot on the Moving Map!


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