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Updating AeroData on EasyVFR.

AeroData should be updated periodically and at least every 28 days. When you start EasyVFR, you will see a list of AeroData Validity dates. Items in green are current and items listed in red are out of date and should be updated before using them for flying.

Validity dates.

If all data is current (green) then EasyVFR will continue to load after a short delay. If some items are outdated (red) EasyVFR will wait until you choose what to do.

Updating this data is very easy. AeroData consists of approximately 80MB of data, so you might with to connect to a wifi connection before downloading. To update AeroData simply follow these steps.

  1. You must start EasyVFR to get to the AeroData validity screen. You cannot get back to this screen if EasyVFR is already running. If it's running already, then exit as follows:
  Android users: Tap Menu then Exit App.
  Apple iOS users: Apple makes exiting EasyVFR a little more difficult.
    Press the home button twice in rapid succession, this brings up a list of running apps,
    Slide left/right as necessary until you can see the EasyVFR icon,
    Then tap and hold the EasyVFR icon until it starts to vibrate,
    Once it starts to vibrate tap the little minus symbol that appears on the top left of the icon.
  1. Start EasyVFR and on the validity screen shown above, tap [Download Data].
  2. This brings you to the Download data screen. Here you will find a Download button to the right of "AeroData".
Data download screen.
  1. You will now be presented with a start confirmation screen. Press the button marked Start at the bottom of the screen.
Confirm download.
  1. Your AeroData will now be downloaded and updated.
  1. When the download completes, press Return to get back to the “Download Data” screen and Back to get back to the AeroData validity screen, and Agree to continue starting EasyVFR.

Pretty easy! Huh?

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